Somewhere in a Yoyogi pond

Somewhere in a far, far country there is a place called the Yoyogi park. In a quiet corner of this park there is a small pond, shadowed by hangin' trees and frequent passers-by. When crossing a narrow wooden bridge this weekend we heard a mumbling noise from down beneath. We stopped, listened and managed to locate the origin of this sudden kakaphonia of nature. Under the bridge was a small shell-covered bastard with sunglasses (widely covering his tiny head) and a toothpick in his mouth. This turtle was familiar. But it couldn't be.. could it?
Before we came any further we got an answer to that question.
Hakan: Hiiiiii !
Lena: Ohhh n... Hiii !
Hakan: So you finally did it right?
Lena: Did what?
Hakan: Came to say you're sorry, huh? Like, you feel, kinda sad, yeah? Tears in your eyes now? "Shouldn't have left him like that". That's why you're here, right?
Lena: No, absolutely not!
Hakan: *Crying* You monsters! stupid ones! How can you do this to me? *Suddenly laughing* Ohhh noooo, I'm like dying in this pond. It just happens to be like the hottest pond in Tokyo, but hey, I'm soooo miserable after being left behind by two suckers. Having to swim around naked in this little retreat with a bunch of nudie Ninja turtle babes. Sooo sad, guys. Makes me soooo sad. Like yesterday. Woke up with the sun in my eyes, facing a beautiful skyline over there, a nice fat worm for breakfast and then off to some casual gold fish bullying with my boys.
Lena: Well then, have a good life Hakan, see you around.
Hakan: Bitch!
Lena: Whats that?
Hakan: Which!?...ehh.. flight do you leave with?
Lena: Why do you care?
Hakan: Like.. is there a pond over at your new place?
Lena: It's got a pool.
Hakan: No way?!
Lena: Yep
Hakan: ......OK, here'e the plan. You check me in and put my gear in your carry on luggage. IF they would ask what a handsome, nice hot turtle is doing in your suitcase, just tell 'em I'm stuffed. Like, not real, really. Just a fake one. Like a copy turtle. That will calm 'em down. When coming to old Shangy again, just drop me by the pool and I'll probably hang there 'til november or so.
To be continued...

Postat av: malinmaskmongo

Åh den där Håkan... Kärlek!!!
Måste också säga att han måste vara immigrerad till Kina från början.
Vilken kines pratar så bra engelska.
Åh Håkan som jag saknat detta hårda lilla missförstådda charmtroll...

2012-06-28 @ 08:18:21
Postat av: Lina

YAAAAAAAY!!! Håkan is back!!!!!!!! <3

2012-06-30 @ 11:12:35

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